“Our Mission is to Ensure that California’s Consumers are Guaranteed the Highest Quality Products with Maximum Choice Available at Local Retailers.”

Creating the New Standard-

Making a Difference in the Industry

TriLink Enterprises, Inc. is a Bay Area business committed to serving a vital role in the implementation of the emerging California cannabis market.

To accomplish this, TriLink has adopted a three-tier, non-vertically integrated, business model in which we can ensure market competition and safe quality lab tested products.

Our approach relies on three core strategies:

1) Identify and procure high-quality products from the best certified producers in California

2) Transport products using a system that maintains optimal freshness and ensures that products remain untainted

3) Deliver products with premier wholesale service to retailers including provision of marketing materials and training

Ensuring Product Quality and Safety

  • TriLink guarantees the highest standards of compliance with Federal, State, and local regulations
  • TriLink will be transparent and only provide varieties of the highest quality, toxin free, lab tested, products tracked seed to sale
  • TriLink will provide state of the art transportation and storage for maximum product freshness
  • TriLink will be proactive with industry affairs, initiatives, and an effective advocate before government and the public promoting public health and safety

Caring for the Community

TriLink will proudly be hiring local employees and treat them as their top resource. TriLink will create a unique business culture of contribution to the local community promoting community volunteer service among employees. TriLink has a non-profit foundation established to serve local education and health initiatives collaborating with other local non-profit organizations.

TriLink Enterprises, Inc. cares about public health and safety aspects of the industry and will honor the principle of only providing top quality, toxin free, lab tested cannabis products.

TriLink will provide premier wholesale services only to licensed and reputable dispensaries.

TriLink will produce significant efficiencies for cultivators and retailers, which will provide consumers with consistent and wider variety of choices than they would otherwise enjoy.

TriLink is a local California business, operated by locals who will re- invest in their local community.