TriLink’s three-tier distribution system: win-win for all


TriLink has innovatively modified a familiar three-tier system—which has proven to be a major part of the alcohol industry’s growth since Prohibition—for today’s emerging cannabis industry. Prior to Prohibition, the alcohol industry was often vertically integrated, which is currently the case with cannabis. Producers of alcohol (and, correspondingly, cannabis) owned or controlled the distribution and retail sale of the product.

Additionally, with so much of the retail tier of the industry being tied directly to suppliers, it was nearly impossible for new producers to gain market access without entering into the same tied-house agreements. States implemented three-tier systems, with the retail and supply tiers buffered by independent distributors.These tied houses led to irresponsible and unaccountable behavior, as tied-retailers often sold as much product as possible, regardless of the impact upon the public. America was inundated with cheap, low-quality product, and it became problematic.

TriLink’s three-tier distribution system will strike a careful balance between control and access to regulated, toxin-free cannabis products. TriLink will be the indispensable buffer between cultivators and retailers, preventing dangerous practices, and safely delivering unprecedented consumer choice and variety.

TriLink’s three-tier system means cultivators will not have to invest in expensive trucks, fuel, and hire personnel to deliver their products.

Cultivators will not have to build expensive and secure climate-controlled storage facilities. These examples could easily put cultivators out of business, micro cultivators, in particular. TriLink will be indispensable in getting their brands to the widest number of retail outlets efficiently, products can be more competitive and this will enable the smallest start-up cultivator to compete with the largest cultivators on a level playing field.

This is the inherent, free-market competitive fairness created by TriLink and the three-tier system.

TriLink wants to ensure cannabis safety for consumers by buying only from licensed, lab-tested, reputable cultivators. We want to help small retailers by giving them the same service and terms as large retailers.

TriLink will educate and provide instruction to retail personnel who interact directly with consumers to promote our clients’ products, as well as to promote safe and legal practices.

TriLink’s three-tier system solves the anticipated problems with this growing industry, just as the three-tier system in the alcohol industry has made it the success it is today. TriLink’s system will help ensure fairness, accountability and healthy competition. TriLink is also committed to protecting and strengthening the laws that help keep the growing cannabis industry on the right track.